Choose a head!

Every head you choose has a unique special ability for a different gameplay experience in every game.

Tear your enemies apart and make them lose their head!

no player elimination

After being decapitated for one round you have to choose a new head with a new special ability and are back in the game!

"[...] in-your-face constant combat mixed together with ressource management and hand card management"

"It is definitely a wacky, interesting concept that I will guess you have never seen quite this way in a board game before"

Choose your fighting style

Determine your fighting style by choosing 1 out of 9 heads, each with unique abilites or attack modifiers. During the game you will have to adjust your strategy, as you might lose your head and have to choose a new one.

Expand your tableau

Expand your tableau and increase your dice pool, by choosing between 4 different attributes: Melee, Ranged, Block, or Speed.By leveling up your fighter, you will establish better ways of income and unlock new tiers for the cards you choose.

Chuck dice and decapitate your opponents

Using the amount of dice from either your Melee or Ranged attribute, you will fight against your enemies. Attacks can also be boosted by the cards you choose to play. If you bring your enemies below 1 HP they will lose their head and have to play 1 round without a head, before choosing a new head.

Melee and Range attacks

Through tactical positioning you can deny enemy attacks or boost your own. For each field between you and your enemy you will gain additional dice for every Ranged-Attack. If you choose to fight Melee, you are able to save up extra dice after each Melee-Attack, which you may add to your dice pool for every future Melee-Attack.

Earn Favor

By dealing damage or with the help of Fountains of Favor. Spend it for expanding your tableau or to buy ability cards.

Become Caesar

Five rounds of preparation will pass until somebody takes Caesar’s head and climbs the stairs to the Hearth. While possesing Caesar's immense powers, your opponents can only stop and catch up to you by decapitation you and claiming Caesar's head themselves.

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